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Here’s a link to Irish Pictorial Roastly which I wrote some stuff for recently. It was broadcast on RTE Radio 1, produced by Hugh Ormond written/performed by Barry Murphy, John Colleary, Paul Howard, Tara Flynn, Eleanor Tiernan, Alan Shortt, Gary Cooke, Neil Delamere and, erm, me.

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This is a clip from Science Fiction Series 2. Just finished Series 3 for RTE in late 2011. 

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Here’s a satirical radio show I did some writing on. The team was put together by Barry Murphy and Hugh Ormond and features the likes of Eleanor Tiernan, Tara Flynn, John Colleary, Paul Howard, Alan Shortt and Gary Cooke.

Originally broadcast on Radio 1 with more to come, most likely.

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Stumbled across this old Langerland video we did for The Electric Picnic. Actually made me laugh and all.

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Colm Tobin’s 7-Point Jobs Programme & Employment Initiative

  1. Implement strategies for furthering employment opportunities on a local level
  2. Kickstart education and training programmes designed to create jobs and other employment opportunities “on the ground”
  3. Release equity in private pension pots in order to foster and enhance the jobs-to-uselessness quotient, especially in rural areas
  4. Working with religious orders and others, encourage prayers and harness other natural spiritual energy in an effort to inspire the instigation of a rural broadband network
  5. Jobs, jobs, jobs.
  6. Further roll-out of the Smart Economy by offering grants and reliefs in areas such as “retro-retro-fitting and “the computers”.
  7. Invest in the traditional crafts and other uniquely Irish activities including “buying and selling homes”, “firing up apartments” and “auctioneering”. 

It’s all about jobs, lads.

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#GE11 on Twitter

I’ve laying off on the tweets a little these days. Probably as a result of this - apparently I was the 2nd most retweeted Twitter account during the recent Irish general election campaign (after the RTE Election Twitter account). Which in one sense is a very good thing. But in another sense, it is borderline embarrassing as I’ve been spending WAY too much time on there…